Walk more. Earn more.

Burn those calories. Earn those rewards.

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Staying healthy was never so much fun!

About Communique:

Communique is the only activity tracker you will ever need. It not only tracks the steps you take, but also rewards you with our very own cryptocurrency token, CMQ.

Just download Communique, set your fitness goals, and start earning tokens today! Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting out, our app will help you stay motivated and on track.

Plus, you'll be part of a community of like-minded individuals who are all working towards their fitness goals. Chat with your friends, old and new, as you embark of challenges and activities together. We can't wait for you to join our community and start reaping the rewards of a healthy lifestyle.


It pays to walk

Stay Fit. Earn Rewards

earn rewards earn rewards

We know that staying active and healthy is important, but let's face it, sometimes it can be a bit of a drag. That's where our app comes in - we've made fitness fun and inspiring. With every step you take, you'll be earning tokens that can be exchanged for prizes, discounts, and more.

Smash the Super Stepper button before you start walking. Once you press the button, it will record every step you take for the next 4 hours and reward you with Que coins. Collect enough Que coins and trade them in for CMQ tokens or use them for in-app purchases.










Do “Q’ have it in you?

Q-Score- The one score to rule them all

walk more

Good habits are always rewarding.

Make every step count by ensure the Super Walker button is on regularly and consistently hitting your daily goals. This increases your Q score. Higher the Q score, the more you earn from every step.

Walk together. Earn Together.

Make groups of friends and take up group challenges. The more groups you are a part of and more the challenges you accomplish together, the higher the Q Score.

A little boost never hurt anyone.

Use the Que coins you have earned to purchase items to boost your Q score momentarily and increase your earning potential.

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Chat. Connect.

Join our Communique-ty

Encourage your friends to join the app and embark on this healthy tranformantion with you. Find new like minded people from various public groups. With our super simple chat interface, every conversation can lead to something more healthy and wealthy.

Stay in touch, connect and motivate each other because it’s always more fun when we have our friends beside us all the time.


Get Started

It’s really that simple!

Step 1

download app
Download Communique

Head to PlayStore and download Communique

Step 2

download app
Set up Wallet

Register and set up your wallet. Don’t forget to keep the code safe.

Step 3

download app
Walk & Earn

Collect Q Coins while you start walking, chatting and finishing challenges.

Step 4

download app
Redeem Rewards

Use the Q coins to purchase items, offers or trade them for CMQ tokens.